Corporate Events

Looking for a way to shake things up? STREET BEAT’s drum & dance troupe will get your employees (and clients!)  drumming their way to more individual innovation and greater teamwork. Let us transform your next corporate event into an unforgettable journey through sound & rhythm.

STREET BEAT’s team can be customized in size and intensity to accommodate virtually any type of event:

STREET BEAT’s high impact, high-concept drum & dance shows incorporate rhythms from every corner of the world, and utilize break dance, hip-hop, theatrics and audience interaction to make for a truly memorable event.

Everything we drum on is made from recycled, repurposed objects and random gadgets, and our drummers turn drumming into high theater.  So our shows are not only exciting to hear, they are equally thrilling to watch and be a part of.

We make a joyful noise and teach your employees and guests how to do it too, whether at a corporate party or teambuilding retreat.  You haven’t had a truly interactive experience until you’ve drummed with us, because STREET BEAT inspires and motivates while we entertain.

We have performed and led teambuilding workshops for some of the world’s most prestigious corporations and we stand ready to do the same for you!

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Our modern day percussion concept takes your typical team building session to a new level. Street Beat fuses the immediacy of urban culture with totally new and innovative drumming concepts, guaranteed to give you the most involving and entertaining teambuilding experience you will ever participate in.


Drumming has existed since the first human heart began to beat. Throughout time people of every culture have used drumming for expression, release of stress, bonding and communicating. In today’s business world, these are values proven to be essential for success.

Drumming is the ultimate tool to fully unite your work force. Through our fun-filled and intensely collaborative program, Street Beat will sync up your staff to complete rhythmic harmony, ready to synergize their teamwork like never before.


Street Beat’s main component in its percussive arsenal of “Repurposed” drums is a standard 5 gallon bucket. Each teambuilding participant will receive their own bucket drum along with a pair of drumsticks. Together with the Street Beat drummers, your staff will engage in playing a variety of rhythmic structures that bit-by-bit are pieced together to fully synchronize the entire staff-drum-ensemble. The incredible arc of sound created will stimulate each participant and engender a sense of “tribal” unity. The overall presentation is delivered in a fun and upbeat manner and your staff will walk away from this experience feeling uplifted, united and ready to take on new challenges in the workplace.

Street Beat delivers the ultimate experience in corporate entertainment and team building.  Let us show you how STREET BEAT can give your team a renewed sense of purpose in fulfilling your corporate mission.

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