What They Say


“I took my parents (visiting from out of town) to this show because it was the only thing playing that I wanted to see.  On the way there, I started worrying that this was going to be one huge mistake, but they super enjoyed themselves. Mom loved the choreography, Dad loved the girl dancers, and they both loved all you guys drumming up a storm on all that fabulous junk onstage.  They laughed at all the comedy bits too.Oh, and did I mention that it was the best musical night out I’ve had in a long time..? “

Marcy B., Charlotte, NC [Blumenthal Performing Arts Center,]

“You dudes are so cool!  Your show was so hot!  Only gripe is all the old boomers had the good seats up front, and some even stood up and tried to dance.  Not a pretty sight.  Imagine watching your old man dance.Still a rad night. “

Joey S., Spartanburg, SC [Chapman Cultural Center]

“My wife dragged me to Street Beat as part of her campaign to stay contemporary. I thought anything labeled urban was something you rolled up your windows to keep out, but you young people put on a heck of a show.  It was exciting, it was funny and, you know, it did make me feel contemporary.  Nice going!“

Fred C., Philadelphia, PA [Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts]

“Not to overdo the boxing metaphors, but the more Street Beat pounded away on their trash can drums, the more I was knocked out. “

Ed R., Knoxville, TN [Clarence Brown Theatre]

“Street Beat, yer allreet.  Made me wanna tap my feet.“

Josie Z., Maryville, MO [Mary Linn Performing Arts Center]

“I’ll never look at my trash cans the same way again after seeing you guys play. “

Kami P., Bronx, NY [Lehman Concert Hall]

“Saw you guys perform twice today :) Great show! Loved it!”

Mary Grace L

“You guys r amazing me and my friend saw two of ur shows at calexpo and we were surprised what u guys did and it was awesomely epic.”

Tiffany Demetrus

“Ohh man you guys were awesome today.”

Eric Kim

“I saw you guys today and just wanted to say that you were great! I am a drummer myself but I usually play drum line style- now I’m inspired to learn street beats :)”

Carlynn Lackey

“Saw your show earlier today!!! Great show!! My year old will not quit beating on things!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Ron Lord

“Saw your show at Calexpo, it was wonderful my grandson loved you guys thanks for putting on such and awesome show.”

Tana Ranvier

“The sold out audience was actually banging on the walls in excitement as they exited this high energy show”

Charles Centilli, Spencer Theater for the Performing Arts, Alto, NM

“It was so much fun developing educational events in support of STREET BEAT for the Charlotte community. We created lots of excitement for the show by street demonstrations, community workshops and casts meet & greet opportunities. These guys rocked! The kids and adults loved it!”

Maria Quant-Young, Programs Coordinator, Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, Charlotte, NC

“We wanted to attract a younger audience and Street Beat was a triumph! Ticket sales far exceeded expectations and the audience response was overwhelmingly positive. How, I wondered, would the older crowd respond? I worried, but needn’t have. At least half a dozen people made a point of telling me that Street Beat was outstanding and superior to other rhythm based shows in the market. The show’s broad appeal led to happy members, subscribers and season ticket holders, while bringing in a fresh, new audience of enthusiastic young people. Street Beat really extends itself in every way and is a joy to work with. We all look forward to working with them again.”

Anne Biberman, Director of Fairbanks Concert Association, Fairbanks, AK

“Street Beat is the ticket for high-energy family-friendly programming which has a special appeal to that hard-to-please teen and tween audience! Very professional, very polished onstage, fun and personable with the audience after the show.  Some of our backstage crew actually called after they left to say how great they were to work with!  We’d have Street Beat back in a heartbeat!”

Jan Benjamin, Director of Facilities, Chapman Cultural Center, Spartanburg, SC